"Social Psychology" originally aired on October 8th, 2009. It was written by Liz Cackowski and directed by Anthony Russo.


Britta starts dating hippie, Vaughn, and Jeff, who has agreed to just be friends with Britta, tries to act cool with it. However, Jeff quickly learns that it is just easier to make fun of Vaughn with Shirley behind Britta's back. When Britta shares a note that Vaughn had given her with Jeff and he decides to share it with Shirley, Vaughn finds out and breaks up with Britta. So, Britta decides that it is just better, all around, not to tell Jeff about her love life at all.
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Meanwhile, Annie signs up to help with Dr. Duncan's psychology study and volunteers Abed and Troy as subjects, but when Abed doesn't react the way he should have, Dr. Duncan becomes annoyed.