"Pascal's Triangle Revisited" was the finale of Season One. It was written by Hilary Winston, and directed by Joe Russo. It's original airdate was May 20th, 2010.
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Professor Slater admits to Jeff that she handled their break-up poorly, and decides she wants him back.

Meanwhile, Britta has also set her sights on Jeff, and at the year-end Tranny dance decides to declare her love for him, in front of the entire school. This causes Slater to do the same.

Jeff can’t handle it, so he leaves the dance, where he runs into Annie, who has returned from briefly running off with Vaughn to his new school. She decides she belongs at Greendale, and just as Jeff is ready to go confront Britta and Michelle, he and Annie kiss instead.

Quotes Edit

 Troy : "Why does Abed hate me?" 
 Pierce: "What are you kidding? Look at him, he probably hates America."